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In Stock Stone is your solution for listing, managing and marketing your inventory online.

Listing your inventory

Full slab inventory

Once your have registered for an account you are able to manage your inventory. This can be full slab material on site or readily available to you.

Remnant inventory

Listing remnant inventory is a great way to not only drive these smaller projects but can increase your exposure to more customers and drive more referral business. This is an opportunity to take care of a customers smaller project and ask for the referral!

Distributor Inventory

No reason that you can't put your distributors inventory on your pages. We do recommend that if your do this that when possible visit the slab yard with the customer. Large distributor slab yards are full of distractions and can cause a customer to no buy when they see too many options and do not focus on budget concerns and execution.

Marketing your inventory

Organic Inventory SEO

Our system is designed on automatically format the content of the page for the best possible organic rankings the targeted keywords of the inventory. This will help customers in your target locations find the stones that you have available.

Detail Action form

On the detail and contact us pages customers may use a form to reach out to you about specific inventory. This form goes through 3 steps of verification.
  • Step 1 all required fields are complete
  • Step 2 human verification test simple math question
  • Step 3 looks at the content of the inputs for common spam techniques/content and blocks the submission
  • step 4 is to notify you of the stone inventory request.

Call tracking

Our system will automatically create a call tracking number and report to you on the leads that are generated directly from the page.

Deep linking inventory

When you already have inventory listed on your website here is an opportunity to create a deep link into your website for the specific inventory. This will increase the potential for your inventory to be promoted higher on search engines for your existing website. Our pages have the potential to rank for location and color name but when we deep link to your website this passes that value to your website which can help you rank for these same terms but also for the category terms as well.

Managing inventory


We have been working with fabricators since 2008 and this is where most system fail. It does not matter if all your inventory is online. All that really matters is that you don't market materials that are no longer available.

Removing inventory is as easy as 1 click and that inventory is removed from all areas that we manage for you.

You partners websites can connect to your inventory and place this inventory on their website. You are in control of this inventory as well so you can manage all these integration in real time.

All inventory is tagged with a Qrcode. You can print this out and attach it to the slab. From the qrcode you can open the edit page on the phone and change the status of the material.. Hold Sold Available etc.

This same code for users that are not logged in go directly to the detail page of the specific material and can make the inquiry right from that page. This creates the data capture and contact details so you can move right into collecting a deposit for the material and job specs.

Favorite inventory

Customers are able to build a collection of materials that they like. THey are able to create and account and this account will enable them to recall the inventory at any time, share the favorites on social media as well as connect with you about specific material that they have selected.


Deep linking

Deep linking is a practice of creating content relevance by linking websites together deeper into the navigation of the website and creating a relevance relationship between the keyword and the content of a specific website.

Qr code

Qr-codes are pretty common these days and are a great way to integrate the code with a specific page on the internet. Moving the customers to exactly what they are looking for and providing them with tools to integrate the real world with the digital world. An example of this is would be to print the QRcode and put the codes on the specific material in the yard. When a customer finds some thing they like they scan it and can find specific information about the size, name, category and cost of the material. they can save material that they like and then come in and place and order. "This can increase the effectiveness of the sales people significantly to allow customers to browse remnants on their own."


We capture every impression on the details page as well as the number of leads and calls from the system. You access this report from your login page. organic SEO takes 3 -6 months to stabilize. Our system will constantly receive updates to increase performance.


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